Data Modeling Reinvented

Design & maintain your data models with OneGen. We'll generate the code for you.

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Say goodbye to writing data models by hand

At OneGen, we believe every application should have one blueprint that clearly describes your data.

Focus on work that matters

With OneGen, your team won’t have to maintain models across the technology stack. There is only one application data model - a single source of truth - that substantially reduces development time.

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Hands-off Data Parsing

We know that engineers dread parsing JSON data to and from the language of their expertise. It costs time and energy, not to mention it’s monotonous. OneGen automatically generates all parsing code for you as part of the output models.

Collaboration rooted in our foundation

Built for engineers, by engineers, OneGen features Git-like version control that supports commits, history, conflict resolution, and more. OneGen makes it a breeze to work as a team.

Bug Spray

Repel bugs, literally

Coordinating models across your technology stack often introduces cumbersome bugs. OneGen keeps a tight grip on consistency. Did you add a new field or change attributes? OneGen generates each change as a pull request to your repositories.

Start using the product of tomorrow, today

No credit card required. No need to code. Design your application data models using our desktop app’s friendly user interface.


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