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Users working together on a project are called allies. Each ally makes commits under their own name in the project.


You can set the following permission for each ally:

  • Read: you can open and view the project.
  • Write: in addition to read, you can edit the models and engine config.
  • Admin: in addition to write, you can manage the access (add/edit/remove allies).


The project creator has a special owner permission. This permission cannot be given to an ally. Although it's not currently possible, we'll most likely implement a project transfer feature, which would transfer a project from one account to another.

Invite an ally

You can invite an ally from project settings (gear icon in the action bar). Inviting an ally requires their username, so they must create a OneGen account first. Once you hit invite, the new ally will receive an email notification. There's no need to confirm an invitation, the ally will instantly see the new project appear in the project selection page.

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