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Id Attribute

Id (identifier) is just a unique name. OneGen currently features the id attribute in two places.

Entity Id

This is a unique name of your entity. Let's say you create an entity with id User. You can't create another entity with the same name. Your User entity is now unique in your project.

Property Id

Class is a type of Entity that may contain properties. Each property has an Id that must be unique within the class.

Renaming an Id

OneGen desktop app allows you to rename an entity/property id, but it's far from a simple rename operation. It's important to understand what happens under the hood as it will affect your project changes.

If you rename an entity/property id, the app will rename the id and then propagate the name change to all of your engines.

If you're renaming an entity id, we additionally refactor all existing references to the given entity to reflect the entity id change.

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